How to Whiten Your Skin Naturally

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To whiten your skin effectively, you will have to apply some natural products. Try as much as possible to avoid those products that pose health risk; avoid taking those ones that have toxic substances like monobenonzone, steroids, mercury and hydroquinone (cytotoxic). Use those that contain peptides, plant extracts, antioxidants and other vital natural ingredients.

Skin care companies usually manufacture their products with natural ingredients that will help you in whitening your skin. You can whiten your skin pigmentations naturally without drugs. Have you tried skin whitening lotions, pills, creams, soaps, bleaching gels without much success? You don’t have to bother, because there is a way out. Stick to the useful instructions below:

• Your diet plays a great role in whitening your skin. It doesn’t matter whether you are an African, Asian or American, what matters is that you have to eat good foods in addition to lots of vegetables and fruits. Millions of women have really removed blemishes like age spots and freckles by eating quality natural foods like lemon juice, lime, papaya, grated tomatoes, etc. Papaya contains papain which promotes the skin.

• Another good advantage of natural foods is that they have vitamins and minerals that nourish the body. Avoid all kinds of refined diets from your diet. Keep in mind that refined products contain genetically modified substances that are not only good to your body, but causes great havoc to your skin.

• Stay away from sugar, because it enhances bad skin. Eat foods that are rich in fiber and water. When you are taking these citric fruits, they will be whitening your skin gradually. I say gradually, because they don’t give immediate results. These fruits might take some time in rebuilding all the lost nutrients in your body.

• Occasionally, you can mix the turmeric powder, lime, juice and little flour with little drops of water and apply them on your face, and then leave them there for 30 or more minutes before rinsing them thoroughly. If you are able to do this for 20 days, you will notice a brighter skin. This is one of the best natural ways one can brighten his or her skin. This view has been maintained by many medical experts and scientists over the years.

• Furthermore, make sure your skin is exfoliated at least once in a week. Apply licorice extract at least two times a day. You will never regret it. If your skin is not accepting these natural applications, discontinue usage and seek proper advice from your doctor.

Source by Morrigan Cai