How to Whiten Teeth

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They say it only takes a smile to win a stranger's heart. This is actually true and is a proven formula especially by travellers all over the world. If eyes are windows to the soul, a charming smile can open lots of good opportunities.

We live in a generation where people are being judged by their physical attributes. This is especially true in the world of advertising and entertainment. We are greatly influenced by media. Visual advertisements on print, online or on television have been proliferating. We definitely see tons of pictures showing the models' set of pearly white teeth.There is no denying that these ads work perfectly since from time to time we get to self check if we even have white shiny teeth.

Not everyone is lucky to have pearly white teeth. This is very apparent in third world countries. A good dental care system is usually effective in the improvement of its people's teeth condition. Did you ever wonder if those models or hollywood stars have innately white teeth? If they do then they are very lucky. But we all know that the majority are not blessed to have white teeth. So how can an ordinary person whiten his or her teeth?

The use of peroxide based materials is the primary ingredient to whiten teeth. It is best that you check if your gums are healthy and that your tooth or teeth cavities are filled before whitening teeth. This will help in avoiding infection of the gums and providing the best results possible.

You can actually start with the basic step in whitening teeth. That is avoiding the stuff that can stain your teeth. These are products like cigarettes, tobacco, coffee, chocolate, iced tea, etc. You may even have to give up on some vices like smoking just to achieve white teeth.

You can also use whitening toothpastes. Remember that they do not whiten teeth in a large dramatic scale. Toothpastes can only remove the surface stains on teeth but do not alter its color.

You can also consult your dentist for more complex procedures, like the use of laser in whitening teeth. This maybe very costly but you will definitely benefit a lot from this procedure, especially if your new glistening white teeth can bring back your lost confidence.

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