How to Whiten Teeth at Home – 7 Tips to Get a Whiter Brighter Smiler in Days

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Stained teeth are a kiss of death. No one likes looking at someone's teeth that's several shades darker than the normal. It can adversely affect your ego, and make you slowly step aside and fade into oblivion. To avoid this from ever happening, check out the tips below on how to whiten teeth at home.

1. Teeth whitening need not be expensive. But you must make an effort to contact your dentist every month. Your dentist will have clue on the most effective treatments for your teeth. He's also professionally trained to deal with different issues ranging from gum disease to tooth decay to teeth blemishes. Ask him if he can recommend some cheap treatments. Otherwise, follow the next steps on how to white teeth at home.

2. Always include fruits and vegetables in your meals. Eat plenty of them as well during snacks. The vitamins you acquire by eating them are needed to maintain that glow in your skin and teeth. Calcium is very important as well because it strengthens your bones and teeth, and allows them to shine brighter than ever.

3. Eliminate the habit of drinking tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Not only do they have adverse effects on your health as a whole, their dark ingredients can slowly get absorbed in your teeth. And you do not want that to happen, do you? Your teeth are too precious to get messed up with nasty caffeine and carbons you get from drinking these stuffs.

4. Instead of these unhealthy liquids, drink plenty of water and at least a glass of milk everyday. Water washes away stains that might otherwise get stuck in your teeth. Milk, on the other hand, contains lots of calcium. Having high calcium content in your body would only mean one thing – brighter and stronger and better looking teeth.

5. Get lovely teeth by rubbing the white portion of orange over and over again. Those nice looking fibers are proven to be effective in restoring white enamel. In fact, the elements found in them are now being tapped by manufacturers in mixing whitening materials.

6. You can also try the baking soda trick. Put a small amount of baking soda in an aluminum foil and mix it with an equally small amount of toothpaste. Place the foil around your teeth for an hour and rinse it thoroughly after. Doing this three times a week will greatly enhance the white color of your teeth.

7. When purchasing products off the counter, always make sure it says peroxide in the label. Peroxide is proven to be the most potent solution on how to whiten teeth at home. In fact, you can even buy a hundred percent peroxide solution and mix a small amount with water. Gargle several times a day.

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