How to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth – Absolutely Amazing Teeth Whitening Tips Revealed

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White teeth are synonymous to good dental health. You attract people if you have evenly shaped white teeth and you repel them if your teeth are blackish and have visible tartar here and there. If you want people to respect you and keep you company, you must make an effort to learn how to naturally whiten your teeth. In this article you will learn some guidelines on how to keep your teeth white and clean.

Avoid smoking

This is a big no-no because the smoke coming off your cigarette turns into purplish color that stains your teeth. The nicotine inside the cigarette tends to blend with your teeth, leaving marks all over. It is quite a challenge dropping off this habit, but a good way to eliminate it completely is to gradually lessen the number of cigarettes you smoke everyday until you have finally stopped it altogether.

Get into the habit of flossing.

Some people do not floss because they think brushing is enough to eliminate particles hanging around the ridges of the teeth. But they could not have been further from the truth. Flossing is just as important as brushing, if not more important. Some foodstuffs get left in the hidden eaves of your mouth, and they must be removed through flossing or else they will stain your teeth over time.

Apply gel whiteners

This used to be done in dental offices but now, this procedure can be totally performed in the comforts of your home. All you need to do is to buy gel products online or on dental stores and religiously follow the label instructions. This usually involves putting small dabs of gels into a tray and fixing the tray into both the lower and upper teeth. Then you let it hang in there for about half an hour.

You may also do it under the supervision of your dentist but it would be far more expensive. But the good thing about doing it in dental clinics is that your dentist will apply some solutions around your gums so your gums will not get too sensitive throughout the process. Gel whiteners are a great way on how to naturally whiten your teeth.

Eat fruits and vegetables rich in calcium

Calcium does not only fortify your bones, but it also strengthens your teeth. Plus, it is sort of an astringent that ensures your teeth remains white all the time. Another good source of calcium is milk, but do not just buy any milk product on a whim. Make sure calcium is included in the ingredients presented on the packaging.

Stay away from smoking because the nicotine it contains can greatly discolor your teeth. The same thing happens when you drink coffee and soda. Remember that whatever you eat affects the color of your teeth.

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