How to Make Your Teeth Appear Whiter the Natural Way

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When it comes to your teeth appearing white, aging is not your friend. To prove that point, the next time you go out take a look around and observe that most people have either a grayish cast or a yellow undertone to the color of there teeth. The gray and yellow only intensify in appearance with age and are very unwanted when striving for the end result of a beaming smile. When I was in college my mother told me to wear a blue based pink lipstick because the lipstick color would neutralize the yellow in my teeth thus making them appear whiter.

Try a few of the following tips to achieve whiter teeth in a natural healthy way.

1. Blend a mixture of Baking soda with a dash of lemon juice and salt as toothpaste. Be careful to use only a small amount of lemon juice due to the acid that can be harmful to the enamel on your teeth. The salt will act as a stain remover on your teeth. Less is more when trying the tip.

2. Eat Strawberries! Did you know that strawberries contain natural bleaching agents? You may want to mash the strawberry and add a small amount to your toothpaste. This genuinely does the trick but you must use caution because strawberries not only contain acid as well as seeds. You may want to consider using a Water Pick after applying this mixture to remove any acid residue as well as imbedded seeds.

3. Celery, Cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, jicama, and raw sweet potatoes should all become part of your daily diet for a variety of reasons including your teeth. These types of highly crunchy vegetables will actually work to dissolve the molecules that will cause deep stains. Umm! Kind of reminds me of a facial exfoiliater only for the teeth.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide is a main ingredient in most teeth whiteners available for over the counter purchase. Use a mouthwash that contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.

OH! Yes! Mom's lipstick theory really does work. Try that cooler toned medium pink if you have a yellow undertone to your teeth

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