How to Lose Weight Without All the Pills

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I'll get right to the point. I'll give you the secret to easy natural weight loss, without all the pills and tricks. I've seen a lot of garbage in today's TV and print ads. With this article, I'll show you why you never have to buy another exercise machine or diet pill that rip you off without producing results!

The present weight you have is the result of the balance of calorie intake and expenditure that has been going on since the day you were born! Calorie take represents the food that we eat, and expenditure represents how much work and exercise you are doing. So as you've noticed, there are two factors in the equation: calorie take, and expenditure. If you increase calorie take with the latter held constant, you gain weight! This sounds rather simple but to tell you frankly, IT REALLY IS! For now do not be confused by concepts like basal metabolic rate, calorie conversions, food composition, etc. I will discuss to you today the very key concept that will jumpstart your natural weight loss journey!

In this first article, I'll tackle the first factor in the equation: Calories

Calorie is a unit of energy. This energy is usually delivered to us through the food we eat. Most of the calorie we take in is used for our normal body functions. So what happens to excess calories? They get stored! As What? Of Course, As FAT! Even if you avoid all the fat but eat tons of protein or carbs, as long as you overshoot your calorie requirement, you'll get fat! So mind the "amount" of food you eat more than the "kind" of food you eat (there's more to this statement, on future articles may be).

Calorie counting is rather tedious and more often than not, people give up just by counting calories before actual weight loss ever begins. So I'll introduce you to a concept of calorie cutting. When you eat, divide your plate into "partitions". A partition can be a cup of rice, three loaves of bread, a chicken thigh, a small piece of pork chop, etc. The magic number is 200-250. Treat each reasonable partition as containing 200-250 calories each. To maintain the present weight you have, the amount of calories that you have to take in is predicted by this formula: Weight in Kg x 28. So a 50kg man would require 1400 calories for him while gain nor lose weight. This total calorie requirement can be divided into 6-7 "partitions" a day. So, what is the next logical step? EAT ONE PARTITION LESS! EAT ONE PARTITION LESS every 2-3 weeks and this will usually give you a safe, gradual weight loss.

It may take a few days to get used in estimating partitions but you'll get used to it sooner than you can expect. As you lose weight, recompute your present-weight calorie requirement and repeat the cycle until you achieve your desired weight. Just do not do this so fast. You must learn to listen to your body. It will tell you if you need to slow down or if you are overdoing things.

The next article will feature more of this concept and the other factor in the equation.

You do not need diet pills! All you need is yourself and your genuine commitment! Until next time!

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