How To Lose Weight? – Drink Water

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Water or H2O is the blue source of all life on earth. There are tens and tens marks of water with or without bubbles in bottles, cans. Not only do we drink water but we are using it day and night.

For the dishwasher, if we take a bad, if we go to the toilet and so on and so on.

Did you know that more than 70% of the earth consist off water. And I have all reasons to believe that water will become a key element for wars in the future.

When I talk further about water I mean drinking water.

Lose weight with water

I will come straight to the point no matter what people have told you, you won’t lose weight with drinking water.

But when you are following a weight losing diet it is essential to drink a lot of water.

– Water doesn’t contain calories.

– If you follow a diet there is a change that your body contains to less minerals. By drinking water you can solve this problem.

– Water replaces a snack to get even more effect drink your water in small mouthful’s.

– If you drink water your brains will believe that your stomach is full. A very necessary tip when it comes to weight loss.

Water helps to speed up the body metabolism that is the conversion of food into energy.

Some tips to lose weight with water.

– Drink more than one and a half litter of water in a day this is equal to six or eight glasses.

If you drink less water it won’t help you to lose weight.

– Water has a boring taste, you can buy water with fruit extracts on it and no this is not lemonade. Or of course you can add some juice from an orange or lemon yourself.

– Drink water from the bottle and not from a glass, I know your parents have told you otherwise but if you drink water from a bottle you will drink much more.

– Put a bottle of water on at least four common places where you spend your time. Kitchen, living, your sleeping room a your office for example.

– If your urine has a dark colour it means that you will have to drink more.

Although some people can have dark urine trough taking medicines.

– Do not drink ice cold water you can have some problems with your stomach.

You have read now how water will help you with losing weight.

Now grab a bottle of water drink from it and enjoy it.

Source by Frederik Smith