How to Lose Weight and Still Drink Soda

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There are probably hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, who are currently on a diet. One of the things that impact your success is how may calories you take in that are in liquid form. Most people I know like to drink sodas. But can you drink soda and still lose weight? Here are 5 tips to help you succeed in your diet while still drinking your sodas.

1. Drink Diet Soda
Diet soda has the benefit of not having any calories or at least very few. Diet soda will not impact your calorie intake, but there are some cautions. Some of the sugar substitutes, while calorie free may not be fooling your body. It may react as if your soda was sugared. I know that when I drink diet soda, my craving for sweets tends to rise a short time later.

2. Half and Half
Here's something you may not have thought of. Say you're at the convenience store and you decide you want a soda. Instead of getting that 32 ouncer full of Cola, why not save yourself half the calories by filling the cup with half regular soda and rest with the diet version? You not only save calories, it also tastes better than 100 percent diet soda.

3. Drink From the Can
Instead of filling up at the soda fountain, why not just by a can of your favorite soda. That 12 oz can will cost you about 140 calories. The advantage is you know exactly how many calories you are taking in. A 32 oz cup of soda at the fountain however would be approximately 373 calories. Get a cup of ice with your can of soda and you're ready to go.

4. Limit Your Soda Intake
If you are going to drink sugared soda, you may want to limit yourself to only drinking soda one day a week. Consider this your cheat day when you can eat whatever you want.

5. Knowledge is Power
Knowing how many calories are in the food you eat or in the liquids you drink will help you keep your diet on track. As I mentioned before, a can of Cola contains approximately 140 calories. That breaks down to 11.6 calories per ounce. If you see someone filling up that Big Gulp 44 ounce cup, that works out to a whopping 510 calories.

There you have it. 5 tips that will allow you to stay on track with your diet, yet allow you to enjoy drinking soda. A diet does not have to be all chicken, vegetables, and mineral water. Here's to a successful weight loss plan. Bottom's up!

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