How To Lose Those Uwanted Pounds – Easy To Follow Tips That Will Guarantee A Weight Loss

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What about your overweight – do you feel well or do you want to lose some pounds. Probably you have some overweight otherwise you have not been here. There are several ways to lose weight but if you want to succeed you need to consider the following advices:

Start thinking of how many pounds you want to lose. Write it down and place the note on your refrigerator.

Make a list of what you ate last week. Do not forget anything, both food and drinks are necessary to write down. When you finished the list, take some minutes to analyze it. Probably you will se lot of unhealthy foods and beverages. Choose 5 different foods or beverages that you will be allowed to eat or drink for the next week. After a week, do the same again, write everything down and find five things that you can strike.

Start to exercise. You can do some simple exercise mixed up with some cardio training. Start walking daily walks. If you spend 1 hour per day by walking you will burn hundreds of calories and your body will be better prepared for tougher exercises. Join a gym and do some aerobics, that is great for your heart and health, but take it easy so you do not injure.

Drink lots of water. When you drink 8 glasses or more of water you will increase the metabolism. That will help you to quickly lose pounds. Water does not contain any calories and it is much cheaper than other beverages.

Start being on a diet, you can chose from a great variety of different diet programs that are available on the internet. One of the best and most popular diet programs is based on calorie shifting. It means that you can eat everything you want with unrated portions.

If you follow these advices I can promise you that you will lose lots of pounds in just a few weeks. This could be your way to a slimmer and healthier life.

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