How To Lose Cellulite – Facts That Can Help

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Cellulite is mostly fat damaged tissue and the cause of this is lack of circulation and drainage in the affected parts of the body. If you're getting ready to fight cellulite, here are some facts that can help you.

Cellulite is hereditary

It is true. Just as many hereditary diseases and conditions, cellulite also has to do with genetic inheritance. However, the appearance of cellulite is caused by nutrition, lifestyle, and hormones. If your mother or grandmother have a lot of cellulite, it is possible that you will have this problem and already at a young age you should worry about your lifestyle and prevent it as much as possible.

Water helps in the fight against cellulite

While it is healthy to drink enough water, the water will not help in the fight against cellulite. It is important to drink about a liter and a half of water a day to keep water in the skin at an optimal level. If you drink too much water, swelling under the skin can make cellulite look worse. Water in the fight against cellulite can help you if you use shower massage three times a week, because this promotes better circulation and drainage.

A healthy diet helps prevent cellulite

Unfortunately, that's not quite true. A healthy diet is always a good choice, but that does not mean you will not get cellulite. Antioxidants in foods neutralize free radicals, which are among other causes of cellulite and improvements microcirculation. Also, essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 help against the accumulation of fat cells. In this sense, a healthy diet helps, but it does not guarantee that you will not have cellulite.

Cellulite over the years getting worse

Unfortunately, this is true. Cellulite can form when estrogen levels start to grow in puberty. As we age, we become less active, we are overweight, the skin becomes thinner and cellulite becomes more visible. In addition to exercise and mobility to fight cellulite should remove nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.

Liposuction certainly helps

This assertion is not correct. Even if you can afford the expensive treatment it is risky if it is not done properly and it is very traumatic.

Cellulite have only overweight people

This is one of the most common misconceptions associated with cellulite. Some studies have shown that over 80 percent of women in western countries have cellulite, regardless of whether they are skinny or fat. It is well known that many supermodels admit struggling with cellulite.

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