How to Have Healthy Skin – Things You Need to Know

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It is never tiresome looking for ways on how to have healthy skin, unless you do not care at all. Having healthy skin is always desirable. It helps you promote your sense of well-being.

It helps you maintain and promote proper functioning of various bodily processes. This is particularly true because the skin, the body's largest organ, serves as the first line of defense. In fact, many internal ailments could have been detected by the sudden abnormal changes on your skin.

Even without reading this article, I am sure you want to have a healthy skin. The information you will be getting here will help you achieve and maintain healthy skin more effectively and safely. Here are my two-cent's worth for your skin's health.

1. Rehydrate always. Water is very essential in the development and growth of any organism. Without water, no life exists. The human body is made up of 70% water. We could potentially die without drinking water for three straight days faster than a 10-day starvation. Water is essential in the proper functioning of the cells and tissues in our body. Many skin conditions are closely linked with massive loss of water content on the skin layers. Foremost of which is skin dryness. Less water also means diminished collagen and elastin production. These two naturally occurring proteins are largely responsible in giving our skin its firmness and elasticity. Without sufficient replenishment of lost collagen and elastin, many signs of aging may precedely appear on your skin.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help us relieve oxidative stress inside our cells. That is why they are also called as healthy skin rejuvenators. These mainly help us eliminate the free radicals that we continue to get from our surroundings and foods, among others. These free radicals damages the cells buy stealing a single electron from each. When this happens, the cells become unstable and indeed die. Harmful effects of free radicals are not just felt inside the body. In fact, many obvious signs of their abundant presence can be seen on your skin layers. Blemishes, infections, inflammations, reduced water content and loss of elasticity are all linked with the damaging effects of free radicals.

3. Avoid non-beneficial habits and foods. A significant portion of the population is still hooked in smoking and excess alcohol consumption. These two vices are actually some of the leading factors that prevent us from attaining and maintaining healthy skin. They easily make our skin dry by inhibiting the retention of moisture on the skin surface. They also weakened the skin's ability to absorb moisture from the environment. Of course, there are many other obvious ill effects and diseases closely linked with cigarette smoking and alcoholism. Having healthy skin also means avoiding foods that are highly processed, packaged and frozen. They contain a wide array of harmful chemicals. Some of them are known to cause many types of cancers and other diseases.

4. Use skin care products that contain effective natural ingredients. I do not know if you heard about Cynergy TK. Cynergy TK is a vitamin-like substance taken from the wool of a specifically controlled breed of sheep in New Zealand. This substance contains Functional Keratin, a basic protein found in the human skin. Cynergy TK is now established as effective in enhancing collagen regeneration. Together with elastin, collagen molecules bundle together to provide skin elasticity. Since we are losing an average of 1.5% of our collagen mass every year after reaching 25, it is essential that we supplement our regiment with products rich in Cynergy TK. Because of this, Cynergy TK is known as a top healthy skin rejuvenator.

Knowing these all makes us realize that these things have the potential in keeping our skin healthy.

Source by Elizabeth Simpson