How to Have Beautiful Skin Through Your Life

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Let me ask you a quick question, do you want to have soft, young looking skin with invisible pores? Of course you do! Yet, how to have beautiful skin like this? Aside from genetics, you can take steps slow aging and keep your skin young and smooth.

3 Tips to Beautiful Skin

There are 3 major areas you need to address if you're the beautiful epidermis you desire.

1) Food Matters – glowing health, the kind that shines from within, comes from great nutrition. Eat your broccoli and other vegetables daily so you get the nutrients you need.

21st century guidelines say 7-9 servings a day of fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy. That may sound like a lot but keep in mind one large apple can easily be two servings.

Do not Forget Your Fish!

Additionally, you should eat fish 2-3 times a week or take fish oil supplements for the EPA and DHA omega 3 oils in them. These keep your skin's moisture levels balanced so it's not too oily or too dry. Plus, research shows these omega 3's slow aging!

2) Exercise – Moving pushes oxygen through your body. Oxygen carries the essential nutrients in your food through your body so every nook and cranny gets the nutrition it needs.

Working up a sweat will flush out toxins that can cause zits in the short term. In the long term, those toxins can include free radicals that break down your cells and lead to premature aging and even cancer.

3) Skincare – No mention of how to have beautiful skin would be complete without a few words on skincare. There are a wealth of fabulous ingredients to slow aging, deep cleanse and leave you looking and feeling refreshed.

One of your considerations is probably ingredients that benefit you, rather than stripping you of needed moisture — like alcohol based products. After all, you do not want to age your skin any faster than life already does.

Instead, look for products with ingredients like phytessence wakame. This is a Japanese sea kelp that some have called the "Fountain of Youth". It prevails sagging skin by strengthening your collagen fibers and boosting your hyaluronic acid output. Both of these are crucial to your young and beautiful face.

The vitamin-like CoEnzyme Q10 is excellent for you too. It's proven to increase your collagen output so you avoid premature sags.

These three tips will benefit your health and prove an answer to how to have beautiful skin .

Source by Jennifer P. April