How to Get Whiter Teeth – Tips to Get Your Teeth Whiter

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Are your teeth yellow and stained and you really just want to know how to get your teeth white?

It’s an annoying fact that so many people neglect their teeth until they realise what they have been doing to them. Having yellow teeth is a major confidence blow to your self esteem, but it is important to know that you can fix this problem quite easily as long as you focus on it quickly.

Now we all know that dentists are out of the question for most, charging $150 for a check up let alone $1000 for teeth whitening!

How ever there are cheaper ways of getting around this, here are some tips.

Do you drink enough water, I mean tap water?

The government made the right choice of adding fluoride to our water ways 20 years ago as it is a buffer against stains on our teeth. Just by drinking extra 3-4 glasses a day of tap water you can make your teeth 2 shades brighter in a week.

Another tip for how to get white teeth is whitening toothpaste which is an inexpensive way to brighten your teeth for sure. You can pick up a tube for under $4 and it will last 2 weeks or so, in this time you may see a change of 4 – 5 shades brighter.

All in how to get your teeth white can be difficult, but there are even more inexpensive ways to get your teeth whitened fast.

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