How to Get Skinny!

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Here's how to get skinny with some advanced tips that are quite easy. Now first things first … I can not guarantee that you'll be skinny. I'm not able to watch everything you do. But I can promise you that if you follow the advice laid out in this article, you'll move closer and closer to being more slim and sexy.

How to Get Skinny

1. Use protein shakes as snacks and meals

Ok, the big mistake I see people making with protein shakes is that they are readily on them as meals only. BAD BAD BAD. You're going to end up being really hungry because your body is use to REAL FOODS, not liquids, as the main source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and calories.

BUT … that's not to say that having 2-3 protein shakes a day will not help you with weight loss. It will. You can effectively use protein shakes as your convenience foods to replace junk foods as snacks. You also use them when you're hungry for a meal, but do not have time to cook. This keep you away from fast foods.

If you were to have 2-3 protein shakes and 2 meals … that's a healthy balance that will help with weight loss (usually).

2. Load up on fiber

Fiber is the not-so secret way to lose weight both short term and long term. People just do not get enough of it. I'm here to save you. Do not make this complicated. Rely on just 2 foods for your fiber. Black beans and apples. You can sneak both of these into your diet without a problem. You're still allowed to eat all the normal foods you already are eating. It's just that you're going to add these in.

The effect will be … you eat less of those "normal foods". You still can eat them, you'll just eat less of them because the fiber in black beans and apples fills you up so much.

There are tons of ways on how to get skinny … I'm just giving you 2 simple ways that are not overly complicated. Use them and you WILL lose weight.

Source by Jennifer Jolan