How to Find the Best Moisturizer For Your Poor Dry Skin!

Margarita FolkPosted by

It can be tricky, finding a good moisturizer for dry skin, from all the self-proclaimed best moisturizers for dry skin out there on the market today. The first thing I would say is, that you should not believe everything that you see on TV

This is because skin care manufacturers always try to make their products seem better than they actually are. That is why the recruitment national treasures, movie stars, and models alike to promote their product.

They know that most people will want to buy a product that is used by the celebrities that they aspire to be like. The problem is, not matter how husky a voice that is telling you that the face moisturizers they are selling is, it does not actually mean that they are telling you the truth.

Another thing to keep in mind is that do not let pretty packaging tempt you into a product. Just because you see face moisturizers in a nice box, does not mean that it will do you any good, it may seem silly to say but a lot of people say that the packing is a deciding factor when out through the best of moisturizers for dry skin.

What you should really be looking at are the ingredient that is in the product, which should be listed on the label of the box. If you see anything like: alcohols, fragrance or parabens listed there, then put it back on the shelf pronto.

This is because these kind of ingredients will harm your skin and cause it irritation, and redness, not exactly the desired effect you would want from a line of supposedly best moisturizers for dry skin. Some can even dry out your skin even more, making the condition of your skin worse instead of better like it should.

Instead of looking at the normal skin care ranges on the market, you should instead look for all natural products. These will not harm your skin, and will leave them feeling soft and smooth. I would like, recommend that if you have a sensitive skin, to stay away from tea tree oil, as it has been known to cause slight irritation if used.

Ingredients that I would suggest for all skin types would be, shea butter, avocado oil, Cynergy TK and grape seed oil. All of these ingredients will be good to your skin, and should give you the results that you would expect from good face moisturizers on the market.

Source by Jenny Patterson