How to Choose the Best Acne Product for Your Skin Type

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Out of all the hundreds of acne products available, it looks like they all claim that they will work for us acne sufferers. If you're like me, you've probably tried a few (or several) different products and still have not seen good results! This is incredibly frustrating, and leaves you wondering if you are doomed to have acne forever.

The good news is that out of all the products that are out there, there HAS to be one that will cure your acne! The trick is to find that one product out of all of them – its like finding a needle in a haystack.

Here's how you can narrow down your options:

1. First, find out whats causing your acne. Is it stress? Dehydration? Hormones? A combination of factors? If you do not know whats causing your acne, how can you expect to find a cure? See the link at the bottom of this article for a quick (and free) acne assessment test that will help you to answer this question.

2. Once you know what the cause of your acne is, you can easily begin to treat it. The most obvious things you can do are to make the necessary lifestyle changes you need to make. If the problem is dehydration, start drinking more water. If the problem is stress, try to practice being more relaxed.

These sorts of things will not only give your skin a healthy boost, but they can also help you in general to be a healthier person.

3. When choosing which acne product to use, keep the cause of your acne in mind. If the cause is from something internal, like hormone imbalance or poor diet, make sure to get a product that treats acne from the inside of your body. These are available in capsules that you can take daily in order to balance and cleanse your body of acne.

If your cause of your acne is stress, and your skins not too sensitive, get a strong product with 10% benzoyl peroxide to use during times of break-outs.

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