How Tea is Beneficial As Well As Delicious

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Almost everyone has enjoyed a cup of tea at one time or another in their daily life. Tea has been a drink enjoyed by many cultures around the world for centuries. With modern medicinal technology it is being discovered that tea has health benefits that touch on almost every area of physical well being both internal and external. Tea contains antioxidants that assist cells to regenerate and boost the immune system, strengthening defenses against high blood pressure, bacteria, heart attack, and even helping fight cavities. There are topical uses for green tea that will aid in the protection of your skin in the sun.

If you just feel the need to relax and put your feet up, a cup of herbal tea, such as Chamomile, Peppermint or Lavender will calm and relax your body and mind so you can continue on your way. Drinking black tea can lead to lower levels of cortisol after a stressful event.

Perhaps you have a few aches and pains and are worried that it might be the onset of arthritis. Studies are showing that polyphenols in green tea are helpful in reducing inflammation that accompanies arthritis and may even slow its development.

There is substantial data to suggest that tea is effective in reducing cardiovascular disease, but when drinking tea, it’s best not to add milk, as this will negate the effect. Adding lemon to the tea aids the intestine in absorbing its antioxidant catechins. Cancer research, however, is not so strong, but nevertheless shows that the antioxidants in tea are very beneficial to general health. Amino acids in tea can increase alpha brain-wave activity and result in a calmer state of mind.

Green tea also has a reputation for raising metabolic rates, speeding up fat oxidation and improving insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. Perhaps adding tea to your diet will be an assist in weight loss.

Source by Edie George