Homemade Lotion

Margarita FolkPosted by

There are many, many, many options of lotions available at the local store but have you even considered homemade lotion? Homemade lotions can be just as effective as store bought lotions to help keep your skin healthy and vibrant. I'm not saying the store bought lotions are "bad" but they might have chemicals that can harm your skin in the long run and you will not even know it. If you do not have the time or desire to make your own home lotion no big deal but here are some tips to help you make your own personal home lotion.

Coconut oil is a popular as many of us know, with the combination of coconut, apricot oil, and beeswax will make a great lotion for you. All you have to do is heat these in a pan over a medium heat, sir occasionally until the beeswax is melted. Once that is done pour the mixture into a bowl and add water to the desired thickness you want. You can add a scent to the lotion with steeping fruit peels or other natural oils. This will help you eliminate your dry skin, which is my problem.

Another way to create your own home lotion is with aloe vera and olive oil or peanut oil. Its important to know what ingredients are contained in your lotions to maximize the health of your skin. My skin is naturally dryer then others so I have to make sure my skin is moisturize often. Keeping your skin healthy with homemade lotion might be for you.

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