Hemroids Treatment

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Hemroids, hemorrhoids or piles as they are also known as, though not fatal, can still cause a lot of discomfort, and so the ability to deal with them is critical. The main problems arising out of hemroids is the pain and the bleeding that is associated with the disease. While the pain causes a physical problem, the bleeding can become a social embarrassment because the blood may pass through the stool – there can also be blood in the toilet seat and the toilet paper.

Before delving deeper into this, it needs to be kept in mind that all of us have hemroids or hemorrhoids, by whatever name you call them – it is only natural to have hemroids. It is only when it swells and becomes big do the problem begins to start. And so dealing with hemroids is not at all needed all the time. It usually starts to get swelled when someone is beyond the age of 45. But this is not universal as exceptions to this can be found.

Dealing with hemroids involves trying to avoid certain things that are known to cause hemroids and also make the condition worse. Such as constipation, chronic diarrhea, obesity, pregnancy, standing or sitting in the same position for hours and lifting weights. Some of them can not be avoided, and it is not right also to avoid them such as pregnancy (and anyway pregnancy related hemroids go away on their own after the baby has been delivered), but then there are those such obesity, which can be worked upon.

Chronic diarrhea problems can also be solved with proper medication and this in turn at least reduces the hemroids problems. Constipation or training to pass stool can put pressure on the anus and worsen hemroids. Dealing with such a situation involves making changes in the diet and opting for high fiber foods that soften the stool significantly, so easing its passing. Fruits, Cereals, grains and vegetables can also achieve the same results as also drinking a lot of liquid daily.

There are quite a few things that can be done at home to ease the situation.

o A diet of apple cider vinegar when mixed with water can stop the bleeding from hemroids.

o Another home treatment involves the application of watercress like a lotion along with plantain and fresh leaves in a crushed form.

o An application of meadowsweet, marigold and yarrow is not in much use now, but this was very popular years back.

o Dealing with hemroids is also possible by mixing powdered Alum (1 teaspoon) with 1 glass of water. Applying this to hemroids has been seen to give positive results.

o Another home treatment involves cutting a Vitamin E capsule and applying the Vitamin E oil in the anus. This reduces the pain tremendously. Aloe Vera oil and witch hazel also achieves the same results.

After years of research and development today a few natural solutions are available in the market for hemroids that leverages the age-old knowledge base to good effect.

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