Help! How to Make My Teeth Whiter Without Spending a Lot of Money – (Easy & Inexpensive)

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Who else is struggling to find an easy way to make their teeth whiter without spending a ton of cash? If you've been adversely affected by the seeming unending amount of bad news in the housing, financial and job markets like many of us have … thinking about investing a bunch of money in a whiter, brighter smile can feel like an unaffordable and an extravagant expense for sure. But did you know that a whiter smile can actually be the largest and best investment you can make in your career mobility … NOT to mention your self confidence and attractiveness to boot? It's true … and just about every survey reveals that your smile is far more important in how people judge you than just about anything else. (especially first impressions!)

So what are some inexpensive ways to whiten your teeth, without having to incur a second mortgage, or go into debt to get it done? Easy! Home whitening solutions are the perfect plan for a beautiful smile and a bountiful bank account to boot .. 🙂 Let's take a quick look at a few popular methods, and the pros and cons of each.

– In Office Dental Whitening: Yes, this is going to give you teeth 5-7 shades wether very quickly, and honestly will not cost you as much today as it did even 10 years ago. Total damage you should expect? Depending on a few variables, roughly 500 on the low side to about 1000, depending on your geographical area and the expense of your dental practitioner.

Toothpastes and Strips: Want to know the truth? They simply do not work well, and while they are certainly safe and very inexpensive … you are not going to get much bang for your buck.

Brushed or Painted on Solutions : Honestly? I'd recommend you stay away from this style method, as they can start to get a bit pricey, and simply do not work well. Why? They "melt" away very quickly due to saliva exposure and elementary breakdown. Plus, the primary ingredients are typically not that strong.

Home Based Gel and Tray Systems : Our first choice for value, strength and overall whitening. How much whiter should you expect your teeth to get? Anywhere from 5-7 shades is often promised, and easily attainable. (many will offer a shade guide to measure yourself …. but you should be able to SEE the dramatic difference rather quickly) These are reasonably inexpensive, safe, and even though your local dentist may not appreciate me saying this, the exact SAME system many of them use once you get into their chair as well!

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