Heart Burn and Celiac Disease, Not Any More

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Imagine finishing a delicious meal and sitting down to watch your favorite movie at home when the pain strikes. Heart burn makes you pause the movie to go find the antacid tablets. They taste really gross but you take 'em anyway. The movie's almost done but your heart burn is still there.

This was reality for me for many years. Fortunately, I discovered what was causing the indigestion and how to fix it. My suffering from heart burn was sufficient enough that I went to see a specialist to find out what the heck was wrong with me. Of course, the specialist recommended I have an endoscopy performed. That's when they stick a camera down your throat. I figured it could not hurt, pun intended, so I decided to go through with it. Not only did it hurt after they were done, but the doctor told me the results were negative. Negative !! What do you mean! Some help the doctor was. He could not even give me a decent recommendation on how to make my situation better other than take some prescription drug. I'm not in to taking drugs so back home I went to suffer some more.

Not until years later did I discover that my indigestion was caused by my Celiac Disease. Weird, huh! When I stopped eating wheat, my heart burn got better, and almost completely. A few more years went by and I was able to learn that there were other foods my immune system went crazy with that still caused heart burn for me. When I eliminated those foods from my diet I became heart burn free. Wow! Going from chronic severe heart burn where the doctor told me I had some dumb thing called Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease (GIRD), to having no pain at all is really amazing! Sometimes doctors do not have the answers.

An amazing fact is that doTERRA essential oils also take care of things like indigestion in ways you can not believe. Here's how it works. By swallowing doTERRA DigestZen oil in a capsule either before, during, or after eating you can enjoy those other problem foods and not have indigestion pain. Sign me up, right! Well, I'm living proof that you can eat those things you like, even with Celiac Disease, and do not have to suffer from heart burn.

I hope you can take this info and improve your life with it! Here's to your success!

Source by Mike Pollak