Healthy Weight Loss – The Hidden Dangers of Sucralose

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Despite what all the advertising claims, Splenda (also known as sucralose) may not be such a healthy weight loss alternative to sugar after all.

Hardly Any Research Went Into Approved Splenda

First of all, if you're basing your consumption of Splenda for healthy weight loss on the fact that it has received FDA approval, then you might be surprised (and possibly even disgusted) to learn that only 6 human trials of the substance have been performed (as of 2006). And of those, only 2 of those human studies on sucralose occurred before the FDA decided that Splenda was okay for people to eat.

What's more, the number of human subjects participating in those 2 studies upon which the FDA's glowing recommendation relies is a disappointing 36. And of those scant 36 participants between those two studies, only 23 of them actually consumed any Splenda.

Plus, the longest repeating of these trials was only 4 days and paid no attention to our bodies' ability to tolerate the substance, nor did they look at human toxicity. What did it look at then? Merely tooth decay!

And what about all those 100+ studies that the makers of the nation's best-selling artificial sweetener for healthy weight loss claim have taken place? Other than the 6 studies mentioned above, all the rest were tested on animals.

"Made From Sugar So It Tastes Like Sugar" – Really?

While it is true that sucralose begins as a molecule of sugar (so there's no "official" false advertising there), it is actually a man-made chemical that's been created in a lab, cooked up in a 5-part process that includes the addition to this one sugar molecule of 3 molecules of chlorine! How beneficial is chlorine for healthy weight loss? We suspect not very.

To boot, by the time this former sugar molecule has undergone the full 5 steps of the process, it no longer resembles any element occurring in nature, and as such our bodies do not possess the means to metabolize it. That is why its makers can claim that it has no calories-because our bodies do not digest it!

But Does Splenda Actually Harm You?

Here's the point-we do not know. No one knows! Because it's never been tested for such dangers to find out. For that reason and that reason alone, it is by definition a "risk".

You can try eliminating Splenda from your diet and see how you feel. Then, after a time, you can reintroduce splenda into your diet and again see how you feel. But this unscientific form of research gives you questionable results at best.

At least we know what the risks of sugar are.

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