Healthy Weight Loss Diet – Lose Weight Or Lose Health Or Both?

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Healthy weight loss diet – It’s one of the most profitable marketing strategy that big corporations have put together to make money. If you’re thinking about going on a diet choose wisely.

Almost all diet plans on the market claim they can help you lose weight and get a great figure while maintaining or improving your health. In fact, nothing can be further from the truth. Let’s look at some of these:

The Slim Fast Diet – You drink a magical shake a day (that tastes absolutely wonderful), eat next to nothing, and you’ll lose all the weight you want to and have a beautiful looking figure and still be healthy. You get it all without having to do those nasty strenuous exercises. WOW! If you can drink only shakes for the rest of you life, you’d be set.

The Cabbage Soup Diet – Starting off on days 1-3 you drink only cabbage soup (special recipe) and eat leafy green veggies. The 4th day you eat eight bananas (yes, 8 bananas) and drink skim milk for the whole day. On day 5 you eat 20 oz. of beef with the almighty cabbage soup. Day 6 is pig out on the steaks day. Eat as much as you want to eat, with leafy greens and your soup of the day, CABBAGE SOUP. Day 7 is the final finally. You can only have brown rice and unsweetened fruit juices and vegetables. This cannot be good for your digestive system.

The Lemonade Diet – I like to call this the “liquid draino” diet. You mix a “special” lemonade which consist of 2 oz lemon juice and maple syrup, ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and 2 cups of water. Make about 160 oz. of this and drink for the whole day. At night, you can drink Herbal Laxative Tea and the next morning you can follow up with a “salt water flush” (2 tsp of salt and 1qt water). You continue this until desired outcome. The idea behind this diet is that it helps to cleanse our digestive track and get rid of all the “leftovers” that are stuck in our body. We will lose incredible amounts of weight but be careful. During the diet, people have been known to experience diarrhea, dizziness, and puking, but once they eat something they will feel energized. NO KIDDING!

There is no argument as to whether or not you will lose weight by following these programs. You will definitely lose weight. But think about what you’re giving up by following extreme diets like the ones above. The damage you do to your body when following these diets are be irreparable. I’m not willing to trade my health to lose a few extra pounds, are you?

Don’t be tempted to go for the fad diet, jazzy exercise, or magic pill that offers you a quick and easy solution. You know that those programs are mostly half-truths and some are just blatant lies. You are better off with a plan or a guide that tells you the truth.

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