Healthy Tanning Tips!

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Summer is always the perfect time for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors and is also the perfect time to tan. However, when you tan and are negligent, you could end up with serious consequences such as skin cancer. Since the suns UV rays are far stronger than they were years back.In order to get a healthy tan you need to take certain factors into consideration such as:

If you are going to spend time at the beach you need to make sure you are wearing a good pair of sunglasses. As well as have a good sun tan lotion. If you are playing sports or just relaxing on the beach then wear a T shirt as well as a hat

Have a shower before going to the beach to remove all the dead skin cells, deodorant, perfumes, etc. As these types of products make the skin far more susceptible to burning and once you have showered, apply your sun screen.

Use a sunscreen that contains a sun factor protection as this will also help to speed up your tanning process and at the same time protect your skin. If you have a sensitive skin use a hypoallergenic sun tan lotion

Do not lie in the sun at noon, as this is when the sun is at its strongest. Do not lie in the sun for more than an hour at a time. Avoid over exposure and do not sun tan in the sun, day after day. The best time to sun tan is in the morning as there is less harmful radiation.

One needs to exercise caution especially if you are fair skinned. People who burn easily are also at risk especially those that have moles and freckles. If there is a history of skin cancer in the family stay out of the sun.

Source by Alphonso Bailey