Halitosis Causes and Cures

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Bad breath is not something any person wants to deal with. But for some, halitosis is a never ending battle. It makes it hard for them to interact with others and to try to have close relationships because they never know how unpleasant their breath odor is to the other person. It can be embarrassing some times when you want to go out with friends but do not want to be the smelly person in the group.

Halitosis has a number of natural remedies that seem to help. The majority of them involve the use of herbs and herbal mixtures. Some of these remedies are very old and are only known because they have been passed through the generations to others. Some of the herbal treatments will give you a quick freshener to your breath. Other herbs will help with providing longer lasting relief from the halitosis.

When cooking your food, add fresh parsley to the dish. Not only will it add flavor to your food but it will give you good breath fast. You can just pop some of it in your mouth and chew them for the same effect. This is the number one reason why parsley is added to a nice meal as a garnish. It looks good but also provides a way to clean your breath after you eat. Cilantro also works in this way. As you are probably aware, mint works wonders for the breath. It is not the candy or the synthetic mint that really helps but the plant itself. By chewing a few leaves after your meal, it will not only make your mouth feel fresh, it will give it a fresh scent also. You can drink this in herbal tea form also as with cinnamon, ginger, and peppermint. Each will also help to clear up your halitosis.

Source by Morinosuke Chiwaki