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In medical terms, hair loss is called as Alopecia Areata. It is the biggest growing threat for any men and women. This condition can arise due to various reasons such as genetic problems, hormonal changes in the body and many other factors also. One may have seen the condition in which total body hair is loss and this disease is called Alopecia Universalis. But now, one can find various types of treatments which are available for the cure of hair loss. Among all these different types of treatments, some are permanent while others are temporary. Many treatments are not very much effective also. There are numbers of factors on which the choice of hair regrowth treatment depends such as the patient's age and the severity of their condition.

The hair regrowth is mainly divided into two different categories and these are medical treatments and natural treatments. The people who are primarily in the initial stage of hair loss are often prescribed with Topical corticosteroids. There are many oral drugs which also may be taken in the form of temporary solution to hair loss. But, there are serious side effects of oral drugs and because of this reason only; it is strictly prohibited to pregnant women and to the people who sufferers from other bad conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In some cases, pills and topical creams prove ineffective and for those cases more advanced treatments are prescribed which includes hair replacement surgery and hair transplants.

Nowadays, a lot of people are thinking about hair transplant due to the launching of specialized clinics and certified transplant technicians and surgeons. This surgery is very simple and it includes removing of skin which is not affected by the disease and putting back on the affected areas. In details, follicles are extracted from the place where it is affected by the disease and then it is placed over the areas which are affected. In present days, it is the most effective way of hair regrowth treatment but it is not for every kind of people. It is most effective for the people who are at the age of 25 years or more than it. Women are not prescribed with these types of hair loss treatment.

Most people can not undergo the hair regrowth treatment such as hair transplant because it is very expensive and can not be afforded by every people. In this treatment, the cost mainly depends on two things, first the reputation of the surgeon and seconds the number of grafts anyone requires for an effective treatment. On an average, its cost can be up to $ 20,000 which is very large sum of money. Only few alternatives are left for those people who can not afford this. One of the best among all unconventional treatments is the treatment which involves the use of natural herbs and oil massaging. There are many mineral and vitamin supplements which can be found in any part of the world as over-the-counter pills. But these supplements can not take the place of scalp massagers.

Another thing which can be used as hair regrowth treatment is the therapeutic massagers and it can be anywhere and anytime. But its biggest benefit is that it has no side effects. It is available throughout the world as an easy-to-use devices and which are made up of wood and metals like silver and copper. The basic purpose of this device is to stimulate the nerve endings in the head and force the follicles to regrow hair naturally. The biggest benefit of these devices is that they are quite inexpensive and can be afforded by each kind of people. It is made for both men and women and they can also be used as a general massagers which helps in relieving stress and anxiety.

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