Hair Color Correction Tips You Can Do at Home

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If you have tried to color your own hair in the past, you know how disastrous the results can be especially if you have no experience in this kind of beauty plan. The wrong hair color and improper application can make you look out of this world literally. If it does happen, it pays to know how to properly apply hair color correction or to find an expert who can do it for you. After all, even if you have made a mistake, you don’t have to live in embarrassment for a few months.

There are some things you can do in order to correct the color of your hair successfully. These moves will not only lessen the effects of the dye you have used, but it will also make things easier for your stylist. One of the easiest things you should do is to wash your hair with baking soda. This material is readily available in any household so you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on products to fade the previous dye. Simply apply it for 10 minutes or so and wash it with hot water and shampoo. If this doesn’t work, try your luck on color correction kits instead.

There are different ways how you can correct the shade of your dyed hair and the choice which moves to take would depend on the dyed you have used. If you want to deepen the color and make it less brass, you can apply natural ingredients like cocoa or coffee. You can mix them in with yogurt and leave it in your hair for five minutes or so. If you want to lighten the tone on the other hand, you can apply olive oil as if you are applying normal hot oil products.

Keep in mind that you can avoid being in this kind of disaster in the first place. There will be no need for many hair color correction kits if you would first test any dye kit you have bought. It’s easy to be tempted with the samples they have, but you won’t always get the same color especially if your hair is lighter or darker than the sample they have dyed.

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