Gymnema Sylvestre And Weight Loss

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Gymnema sylvestre can help those who desire to lose weight. It does this in two main ways:

1. If Gymnema drops are directly dropped onto the tongue this reduces or removes the desire for sweet foods and fatty foods, and

2. Studies have indicated that it blocks fat absorption from the digestion into the blood.

Preliminary studies have identified a reduction in weight and also in upper abdominal, waist, and hip circumferences when given a supplement which included gymnema.

Gymnema is best taken:

– Just before a meal or snack to reduce the desire for sweet or fatty foods, and

– Three times a day, (1-2 capsules of raw herb) to reduce sugar absorption from the gut.

A Diet To Accompany Gymnema Sylvestre

By combining Gymnema sylvestre with a healthy diet plus regular exercise, weight loss will be more assured.

The basic dietary recommendations are to reduce starch intake.

Eating starch through the day results in elevated levels of blood sugar. This stimulates insulin production to remove the starch into the muscle cells, where it is used for energy; and the reminder is taken up by the adipose tissue in the abdomen to be converted into fat and stored. This results in a 'spare tire' around the abdomen.

Many people with a 'spare tire' have got 'Metabolic Syndrome'. As well as a 'spare tire', this syndrome can also include fatigue, high blood pressure, heart and artery disease and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Cutting down on starch in the diet eliminates this constant high level of sugar in the blood, reduces insulin production, and avoids the health problems associated with high blood sugar and high insulin levels.

For a complete picture of the effect of different starches on our metabolism, the Glycaemic Index must also be considered when deciding which starches to eat. This is a comparison of the speed with which starches in foods get into the blood stream, compared to the speed with which glucose does so. For a detailed discussion of this, try Leslie Kenton's book The X Factor Diet.

Gymnema is a remarkable herb which can be a huge benefit both to those who really want to lose weight – but need a bit of help for their will power!

The main treatment for weight loss is usually to change diet and get more exercise: but if you do these things, some Gymnema is a great help to have in your pocket, and you can further benefit from taking 3-6 capsules of the raw herb daily.

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