Guaranteed Fat Loss

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That's right guaranteed fat loss. Fat loss is the answer not weight loss. Weight loss could mean muscle and you want to lose fat and keep muscle. Fat is lumpy and not very attractive. Muscle is lean and attractive.

But most of you do not really want to lose fat. iIf you did you would change the way you live your life. Fat loss is not complicated it's actually easy, if you just put down the fork. You probably eat too much processed food, eating too much at meals not exercising, drinking to many sugary filled drinks and eating too many bad carbs.

The way you eat and exercise will determine the amount of fat loss you can lose. Too many people get cooked up in the new diets and everyone knows that diets do not work long term. It's a lifestyle change that you need not a diet, so let's look at what needs to be done first. You need to choose better foods, stay away from as much processed food as possible that means you may have to take five minutes to plan what you are going to eat.

Stay away from all fast food and sugar filled drinks and limit your starches potatoes, rice, pastas, bread and pastries. I said limit … but you will get better results if you cut way back on them. Drink plenty of water. As a matter of fact drink water all day long, water is number two on the list to sustain life, air is number one.

Have fun with the exercise do not make it a chore make it fun, the more fun the more likely you'll stay with the exercise program and the real secret to fat loss is to change your exercises routine daily or every other day your body needs to be tricked.

Different types of exercise and different types of intensity will keep the body guessing, for example if you follow a walking plan you will lose fat at a rapid pace after a while you stop losing fat, even though your eating the same and exercising … how can this be? Your body has become used to the stress you put on it you need to change it up, do a different exercise if you walk on day one the next day bike the next day jog the next day walk again switching it up. Do something different on a daily basis and this will ensure fat loss that you can count on.

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