Green Tea And Weight Loss- Drink Yourself Slim And Healthy

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Although it seems too easy, researchers conclude that drinking green tea is an excellent aid to weight loss, as well as being all-round good for you.

The research studies used green tea extract, which is a more concentrated form of green tea, but drinking the tea itself in between meals is a great substitute for a candy bar or chocolate. You get the uplift, without the calories.

How To Drink Yourself Slim With Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent appetite suppressant, and it’s especially useful if you’re trying to cut down on your portions, without going on a strict diet. Aim to drink a cup of green tea before each meal, and in between meals too, if you feel hungry. If you wish, you can add a jolt of skim milk to the tea, and if you’re very hungry, a teaspoon of honey.

You’ll find that you’re not hungry until the next meal – you may even forget to eat – but do ensure that you eat three meals a day, and a small snack. This is important to enhance your metabolism. If you skip meals, your metabolism slows, and this means that your body’s adjusting itself into starvation mode, and making your calories stretch. This is dangerous if you’re trying to lose weight.

Green Tea Varieties Prevent Boredom While You’re Losing Weight

There are many different varieties of green tea, all with a slightly different taste and effect.

Archaeologists report that tea has been a favorite beverage for 5000 years. In India, China, Japan and Thailand green tea has been used as a traditional medicine, used to control bleeding, heal wounds and regulate body temperature, as well as control blood sugar and ease digestion. Green tea is especially popular in Japan, where green sencha tea makes up 80 per cent of all tea consumed. It’s a high grade tea, which is steamed to prevent fermentation.

So don’t restrict yourself to the green tea brands you find in your supermarket. You’ll find varieties like “Gunpowder” green tea, in which the leaves have been rolled into pellets. Because the tea leaves are rolled, they retain more flavor and aroma.

Have fun exploring green teas – make your green tea diet exciting, and losing weight will be fun.

Source by Julia Denham