Great Ways to Whiten Teeth

Margarita FolkPosted by

Tired of seeing all of those new teeth whitening products? I mean really how are you supposed to know which one really works or if it even works at all. With all of the hassle of trying to find a reputable product it almost makes you not even want to put in the effort. As if whitening your teeth was not already a chore on it's own.

Well, if you do not even want to leave the house there are a couple of at home techniques that I tried and did not have much luck with but have heard other people saying they work, and it's cheap so why not try it. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, not at the same time though. Take either the baking soda or hydrogen peroxide and coat your tooth brush bristles with your choice. Brush your teeth for two minutes. Sectioning off your mouth into four areas and brushing each area for at least thirty seconds. With the baking soda do this two to three times per month and with the hydrogen peroxide two to three times per week. Like I said I heard it works but did not have much luck for myself.

After trying different teeth whitening products for over a year without much results I finally had a breakthrough in finding the greatest way to whiten my teeth. I was just surfing around on the internet one day and came to an awesome website with a lot of great information. If you want to check it out there's a couple links below.

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