Grand Canyon

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Probably nothing is more awesome to view than are the western canyons. Three in my mind that will take your breath away are Bryce, and Zion in Utah, and The Grand Canyon in Arizona. Let’s start with Bryce. Bryce is a very unique spot on the earth. As you drive along the canyon and stop at the many lookout points along the way you will find a spot where the earth looks like a porcupine. The rocks jet up from the canyon floor like quills pointing toward the sun.

The rocks which are very red in color look like they are in launch mode, ready to go off into space. Not very many miles away is Zion National Park. Unlike the spear like rock of Bryce, Zion is an area of massive white rock. These giant mountains of white stone are great for climbing on and for picture taking. I believe that what makes it so interesting is the contrast between the two. Bryce with its high thin red rock and Zion with its huge round white rocks. And yet they are very close to each other geographically.

I have been to the Grand Canyon a couple of times. Twice on the south rim and once on the north rim. My personal favorite is the north rim. The drive into the north rim, which is a higher elevation, is much more interesting. You drive through an area that is tree and grass covered. When driving in we saw many deer and other wildlife. The drive into the south rim is much more desolate and barren. The view from the south rim allows you to see the canyon looking to the left and the right,

The view from the north rim allows you to see the start of the canyon and view it looking down the canyon. I also felt that the viewing area allowed you to feel a little more intense about the experience. Also since the north rim is harder to get to it is a lot less crowded. All of which makes for a better experience. Don’t forget that since you’re in the area to look up the Hoover Dam and Lake Meade to round out your visit to the area.

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