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I have decided to do a review on glisten white as I recently bought this product to help me with my discolored teeth. In this review I will explain what glisten white is and how it works and how it worked for me.

I am a heavy smoker and have been smoking for many years and this has had a terrible affect on my teeth. I have tried many other methods down the years to try and help me with this problem but I have had no luck at all. I was at the chemist trying to find another product to help me out with my discolored tea problem. They recommended glisten white to me because they used it themselves.

I looked up glisten white on the internet and tried to find out more about it because I was skeptical about buying another product that might not work and wasting my money. I looked on the glisten white website and found it impressive and easy to use. There was plenty of information on glisten white and it was all easy to find.

I got interested in buying glisten white after noticing the money back guarantee with it which was a 30 day guarantee. I looked at some of the pictures and read up on the testimonials which convinced me and made me want this product.

I wanted to order glisten white online because it was much cheaper than similar products in the shops and they were doing discount prices and money off deals. I ordered glisten white early afternoon on a Tuesday and I received a confirmation later that evening from the website saying thanks for placing my order and that it was dispatched. I was pleased with the customer service and surprised how quick it was.

I received my order of glisten white on the Saturday. I was really pleased how quickly my order came as it often takes longer to reach me because I live in the highlands in Scotland.

When I first opened glisten white I wanted to try it out right away. I read over the instructions and got straight to it. The instructions for glisten white were easy to use and follow step by step.

I followed the instructions but for the first few days I had not noticed any difference in my teeth but I kept using glisten white and as time went on it began to show real noticeable chances. This happened after about the second week. By this stage I had used about half the gel.

By the time I had finished the tube I had really noticed the difference it made and people commented on how white my teeth were. So right away I went online and ordered the big package of glisten white as it was on offer and saved me £ 15 and got 3 extra 10% kits which was a nice bonus.

After using glisten white regularly for a few months my teeth whitened and looked natural therefore I would recommend that anyone buying this product buy the larger package because over time it does save money and produce better results.

Overall I was very satisfied with glisten white, it did the job better than any other product I had tried previously and was a lot cheaper. The only bad thing I would have to say about this product is that it takes time and patience to see noticeable results, this is different for everyone maybe because I am a smoker it takes that bit longer.

I rate glisten white 9/10

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