Forehead Line – Smiling Your Way to a Clear Forehead

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If you are worried that you are getting forehead lines but are too young to be bothered by them, then you are not the only one. Lines have troubled young adults as well as adults the world over. Their exact cause may be varied, with several factors contributing to their appearance. You can easily figure out the exact reason by eliminating the causes one by one.

Firstly, make sure that it is not genetic. Just look around you; if your parents or your grandparents have prominent, then it is unfortunately due to genes. The only solution to this situation is to try and hide it by using one of the many available home remedies or permits invest in a good anti wrinkle cream. This may be the best solution especially if you are still young and feel that you are getting the foreheads much earlier than you were supposed to.

Another solution for people having lines due to genes is to get Botox shots. These are expensive and do come with side effects. But, their result is instantaneous and will leaving with a nice firm forehead in a really short period of time. You can not administrator Botox on your own and will need professional help in case you are considering it as an option. Also, you should be willing to pay a large sum for the shots plus other costs it may entail in the long run. You might need periodic shots to completely keep lines at bay.

If the reason is not genetic, then there is a chance of having it fixed as well. You could probably try to frown less and keep your face in a "happy" position more often. It may sound ridiculous, but research has shown that facial muscles react to your expressions and if someone is in the habit of frowning more than smiling, then they will probably have to deal with the problem of forehead lines.

On a similar note, you might be getting forehead lines because of stress factors as well. You need to remember that stress causes havoc for your body and is just one of the many problems that you may have to deal with when it comes to stress. You may also have to deal with the causes of stress to help eliminate the forehead lines from appearing altogether.

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