Five Rapid Fat Loss Secrets

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You're concerned about your weight and you've decided to do something about losing fat. But before you go on a fat loss program, you need to know a few rapid fat loss secrets to ensure your success.

Secret # 1

The first secret might be a quick fix if there are obstacles in your path in the form of medical issues. The best way to determine this is to see your doctor, to rule out any problems with your digestive system that would get in the way of rapidly losing fat.

A doctor in Arizona named Suzanne Gudakust found that some of her patients had internal plaque and parasite infections that were keeping them chronically obese and preventing them from achieving any natural fat loss.

Ask your doctor to check and see if something internally is holding you back. A medical issue may have been liable for putting on pounds. If that is the case, then losing fat will happen quickly once you get the problem under control and you will not need rapid fat loss products.

Secret # 2

Your second secret is water and lots of it. You see, when you go on a rapid fat weight loss program, your body has to get rid of the fat somehow. When you drink at least 8 eight-ounce glasses of water per day, then it is like your body is throwing the waste products from fat-burning in a river.

Additionally, when you do not drink enough water, you force your liver to help your kidneys in filtering waste products out, since they are heavily concentrated at that point.

Why is this bad? Because the main job your liver has is to burn stored fat, and it can not do that when it must help your kidneys filter waste products. So drink your 8 glasses of water daily so that your liver can burn your stored fat.

Secret # 3

Read labels when you go grocery shopping. If what you are considering buying lists any form of sugar-sucrose, glucose, maltodextrin, high-fructose corn syrup-as the first, second, third or fourth ingredient, you should not buy it. Make a healthier choice.

Secret # 4

Number four of your losing fat fast secrets is that when you shop, you should stick to the outside perimeter of the grocery store. That is because this is where meat, produce and other weight-loss-friendly items are sold. Inside the aisles is where refined and packaged carbs lurk, so avoid the aisles.

Secret # 5

And your final weight loss secret? It is weight training. Weight training should be a part of any rapid fat loss program because it does two things: burns fat while you're doing it, and builds muscle tissue that helps you burn calories (fat does not burn any calories.)

You should train with weights two to four times per week, depending on your experience level with weights. You do not have to train for more than 30 minutes per day, and you can substitute simple calisthenics on occasion, but you do need weight training to burn fat.

Use these simple 5 secrets and soon you will be on the road to decreasing body fat fast!

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