Firm Up Sagging Skin On the Body Naturally After You've Lost Weight

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Sagging skin is not only a problem of the facial skin, it can occur everywhere on the body. Even young people can experience sagging skin on their arms, legs and around the waist and back after they've lost a lot of weight for example. Other people begin to notice loose, unsatisfied skin as they get into their forties and fifties and the years start to creep up on them.

No matter what age you are, the causes are the same. The problem is that the proteins collagen and elastin are not being produced in sufficient amounts. That also means that you can fight this problem no matter what your age is with the right natural products and ingredients.

Proteins such as elastin and collagen are the essential building blocks of your skin's structure. Without a healthy, sufficient level of these proteins that our body produces every day, your skin will start to sag and lose its form. Natural ingredients applied onto the skin in the form of a skin cream or body lotion can help to prevent this from happening.

One natural ingredient that you need to look for in any lotion you wish to use to prevent sagging skin naturally is called Xtend TK. It contains a functional keratin that helps collagen and elastin back on their feet so to say and boost their activity.

Another thing to look for is Phytessence Wakame, a powerful and nutrient rich antioxidant. For hundreds of years, the Japanese have used this sea kelp to maintain beautiful skin and great health into old age. It also helps to maintain collagen and elastin levels by inhibiting any breakdown of hyaluronic acid, the 'glue' that binds these two proteins together. There are not very many body lotions with Phytessence Wakame, but keep your eyes open and you should be able to find some.

If you have a problem with stretch marks or dry skin in addition to sagging skin, look into Jojoba Oil. Jojoba Oil is as close to the natural oil of the skin as possible (perhaps only Avocado Oil is as close!). It is also a strong antioxidant because it contains lots and lots of natural vitamin E.

You can not really firm up sagging skin with exercise, so if you do not want to have surgery, natural creams and lotions are the best and most affordable choice. Just remember to choose only natural products with completely natural ingredients. You will have better and longer leasing results than with other products.

Source by Lumi H. Jais