Finding The "Natural" In A Natural Skin Care Product

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Deception And More Deception

There is a lot of misconception in the word natural these days. No wonder, people are looking for a better way and do not you think manufacturers and the hyped up advertising crowd has not talked on?

You can say what ever you want on the front of a label there is no law that says the actual ingredients stated on the front of the label have to be in the product. For instance I have seen a label with the claim "natural anti aging lotion with aloe vera". Read the ingredient list on the back of the label and you come across words that only a scientist would know or be able to pronounce. The product was colored green, aloe vera is a light milky liquid.

Have not you ever surprised why just about all these so called "natural" skin care products with all these "natural" ingredients are all colored white? Any truly natural product will not be colored white, except all the ingredients are white.

Natural Is And Natural Is not

By definition natural means unaltered in any way. Not "derived from" a natural source. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is "derived from" coconuts (at least that is the claim). Whether or not this true is questionable. By law you can call this "natural", by definition A "derived from" ingredient is no longer natural. SLS is used as a de-greaser and industrial floor cleaner and can be found in many skin care products and personal care products. It is what makes your shampoo foam while at the same time strips away the base oil in your scalp.The EPA monitors SLS to be a hazardous material.

That is just some of the things to be aware of in the selection of natural products, just do not be fooled by the hype.

How To Read The Label

here is how you find the natural in "natural". There are a few simple guide lines to follow and here they are.

(1) A natural product will have no synthetic ingredients will be chemical and toxin free, no artificial fragrance or color.

(2) The ingredients will be listed as they actually are, for instance, lavender oil, shea butter, calendula.

(3) The first five ingredients make up 70 percent of the product by volume

(4) Any preservatives will be natural preservatives

That is how I find a truly natural skin care product, if must have all the points above. This is what you should do as well, here is to your good health.

Source by Robert Dixon