Fat Loss Cocktail

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Whenever I bring up the topic of drinking alcohol and why you should resist, there seems to be a universal sound of groaning.

Well, for those of you who enjoy a regular tipple most evenings, here's a bit of science that may interest you;

Your body can only effectively process 15 -30 millilitres of alcohol per hour. A 330ml bottle of beer contains about 32 millilitres of alcohol.

If you consumed 5 of these beers, your body would be inhibited from fat burning for up to 6 hours!

This is aside from the fact that your body would actually be storing fat during these 6 hours!

This goes for wine and spirits too. Think how much volume there is in a bottle of wine!

The more you drink, the longer your body is unable to burn fat, and the more fat you're likely to lay down, as you reach for those snacks to accompany your drink. It's exactly these times, when your body is inhibited from burning fat, that you're most likely to make poor food choices …

Combining spirits with sugary mixers promotes even more fat gain, due to the body's reaction to excess sugar, with the release of insulin, a fat storing hormone. One evening of drinking could potentially set you back days if not a whole week when it comes to fat loss!

If you really want to lose excess fat, do not drink.

If you simply can not avoid temptation, make sure you limit your consumption to 1-2 drinks, 2 days per week. Otherwise your fat loss journey will be a long and slow one …

Source by Simon Dainton