Faster Weight Loss Diet

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Here's a faster weight loss diet than the typical fad diets that help you to lose weight then you pack it all back on. Look, you'll lose weight fast on this diet I'm about to share with you. BUT, you'll also be able to keep it off since there will not be any huge changes. You will not be going too far out of your comfort zone … if at all. Read this now so you can start losing weight immediately.

Faster Weight Loss Diet

1. Breakfast is make or break time

You need protein and if you're going to eat a big meal, it has to be here … not at lunch or dinner. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. You screw this up, and you basically screw up your day … nutritionally. You will not be able to recover no matter how good you eat for lunch and dinner. You simply need to eat a good breakfast. You can not eat a breakfast loaded with simple carbs and you can not skip breakfast.

Get some eggs, try some black beans, eat rolled oats oatmeal, get in a protein shake. Those are the top options.

2. Lunch and dinner … eat soup or salad and follow it up with meat and a vegetable or two

Simple. You use the soups and salads to eat less of the main meal. This is easy way to eat your favorite foods while cutting calories out. The only thing to make sure it that your vegetable is not potatoes.

3. Snacks … go with protein snacks

Protein helps to control your blood sugar levels. So high protein snacks between meals are quite important. I'm big on low calorie yogurts, string cheese, and beef jerky. Give them a try for a week. You'll see they do a good job at satisfying your hunger and different tastes.

This is a faster weight loss diet that works … give it a try and see for yourself.

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