Fade Liver Spots With Natural Skin Care Products

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If you want to fade liver spots, one key is protecting the area from the sun. But, you can not rely on a disappearing sunscreen to do that for you.

SPF ratings are misleading. Many customers are not sure what they mean and think that any SPF rating is sufficient to provide complete protection. This is not true. In order to provide complete protection, you need an SPF rating of at least 20+ and an ingredient called zinc oxide. It is really the only effective ingredient that has a proved safety record.

Many of the sunscreens were rushed to the market without adequate testing. When it was learned that overexposure to the sun increased a person's risk of skin cancer, the American Cancer Society and other health organizations began recommending the regular use of sunscreens.

Companies struggled to find new, cheap ingredients that qualified for an SPF rating, so that they could take advantage of the increase in sales. Some of the ingredients that they came up with were derived from benzene, a known carcinogen. Scientists questioned the safety of these ingredients, but nothing was done.

Some of the products on the market that are supposedly to fade liver spaces contain those sunscreens that are derived from benzene. Researchers have now proven that they do cause DNA mutation that can lead to skin cancer. Remember oxybenzone and benzophenone and do not use anything on your skin that contains them.

You have to remember that your skin's health is what is most important. Think of an age or liver spot as a symptom of a health problem. In order to correct it, you need to fix the problem.

Skin cell replacement slows down with age. If you avoid exposure to the sun, you can fade liver spots by stimulating the skin cell turnover rate. In a young healthy person, the entire epidermis is replaced every four weeks or so. Skin cells are constantly be sloughed off and new ones produced to take their place. If there is no sun exposure, these cells will be lighter and lighter in color, as time goes by. A spot may still be noticeable for quite some time, because the entire complexion lightens, as well, particularly if you are naturally fair-skinned.

Ingredients like EXTRAPONE nut-grass inhibit melanin production. The spots are actually melanin "clumps". But, EXTRAPONE will lighten the entire complexion, as well, unless it is applied carefully and only to that spot.

One suggestion to help fade liver spots, without lightening the surrounding area is to use a night cream containing Shea butter. It is one of the few ingredients that are known to lighten brown spots and freckles, without lightening the surrounding area.

To increase the cell turnover rate, the ingredient to look for is Functional Keratin. It has been shown to increase skin cell proliferation by as much as 160% in as little as three days. It can also increase firmness and the skin's moisture content. So, you can fade liver spots, reduce wrinkles and look younger in a very short time. All you need do is look for the right ingredients.

Source by Valerie Rosenbaum