Eczema Talk About Going Through A Dry, Rough Patch – Organic Eczema Treatment

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Millions of adults and children suffer from mild to severe breakouts of eczema. These episodes often last a lifetime and flare-up when the skin is irritated by some variable like a sensitivity to a soap, dry and cold weather or even specific types of food. Eczema is characterized by a rash and drying of the skin that in most cases is isolated to areas of the face , neck, scalp, elbows and the back of the legs . Eczema breakouts generally last for a few weeks however their symptoms often cause concernable discomfort for many individuals as they struggle with the persistent itchiness, even cracking and bleeding of the skin.

For many eczema sufferers relief can not come fast enough and the ability to find a treatment that does not aggravate the skin further can prove to be an arduous task. Anyone looking to reduce and eliminate their eczema symptoms, and improve the health and condition of their skin can do so by just doing any one of these following suggestions:

  • Moisturize with an all natural cream
  • Avoid soaps, skincare products that contain perfume and additives that irritate your skin (discontinue use at the first sign of a breakout)
  • Make note of the foods you ate over the last week and keep this diary going each time you experience an eczema breakout to isolate a potential food trigger

Although there are many people who struggle with eczema as a skin condition there are still many individuals who do not recognize that they have eczema nor do they recognize the symptoms. It is widely accepted that there are two types of eczema, the first being Atopic Eczema which is traditionally thought to be a genetic condition that may also develop alongside other allergies and asthma. The second type is Contact Dermatitus which refers to the rash or outbreak that occurs from a reaction from exposure to an irritant like a harsh soap or chemical. Contact Dermititus is the most common form of eczema and can be easily treated. Other forms of eczema include cradle cap a condition that affects many young children, and persistently dry skin that develops into full blown eczema.

The most important thing for any eczema sufferer is to restore the moisture levels of the skin and to apply a moisturizer that is as natural as possible and free from perfumes and other unnecessary additives. The moisture level of your skin can be changed by using a moisturizer and by taking supplement that will help regulate the hormonal system of the body which is critical to the health and well being of your skin. Like a variety of skin and health problems the health and well being of the body is often the under culprit and solution.

Many parents are concerned when their child struggles with the itchiness and scratching of eczema breakouts. How can you tell a child not to scratch, all they care about is making it go away. Parents want the best for their kids and want to limit their exposure to harmful additives and products that do not work and help their children find relief from their eczema organically.

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