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Good deeds and merits can not be actually measured and valued. A penny given from the heart can worth more than millions contributed in the eyes of Heaven. A glass of water is more valuable than millions of dollars for a person dying of thirst. Likewise a packet of rice is worth more than gold for people dying of food or in time of war where hunger is everywhere. For a simple work of art like painting, it can be sold through auctioning in the millions. For e-auctioning, almost anything can be found in eBay.

For anything to reach success, Lao Tzu said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." I have also heard that it was only about ten years ago, Yahoo had only 200 registered websites and now in the billions. Amazon started in a two-room place selling books, and now the sales in the billions. The power of the modern day e-commerce is no doubt building many billionaires like Bill Gates who made the right choice to pursue his Microsoft idea than complete his studies. Likewise in Malaysia, many uneducated but brainy businessmen made it in life in terms of wealth and success in the corporate world.

Lao Tzu said, "Anything of significant scale has seemingly insignificant beginning." Similarly, the sacred cause of the universal propagation of Tao has very humble beginnings. " The Tao of Heaven movement initially from China has grown over the last fifty years and now covers all major continents of the world. The movement today continues to grow and thrive at tremendous rate. Like the spring water that flows ceaselessly, Tao has nourished and quenched the thirst of those yearning for spiritual development and Truth. It is like the lightning that comes from the east and flashes to the west. The speed that covers everywhere is like e-auctioning and surprisingly, it coincides with Jesus' foretelling on the coming of the Son of Man near the end of the age (Matthew 24:27), that, "For just as the lighting comes from The east and flashes to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. "

In Malaysia alone, a single Malaysian Tao Master under "Grand Master Han" from China has more than 800 house temples under his care. There are more than 800,000 followers under various Tao Masters in Malaysia in less than 30 years. In Singapore, "Grand Master Ho" from China has more than 1,500 apartment temples and there are 18 Grand Masters of Tao from China under the Heavenly Master JiGong. In United States there is a very huge website propagating Tao of Heaven in many languages ​​under "Grand Master Han."

Tao practitioners in the West and Australia are in the millions. Unfortunately the messages from Heaven are mainly in Mandarin and there are limited translations into English. The present shortage of reference and reading materials on Tao of Heaven for the English reading people hindered the propagation and my regular submission of articles is trying to fill up part of this gap. Hopefully readers will also click to my website for more contents and teachings of Tao of Heaven and they can be redirected to the website in the United States. Whether it can reach the level of success like eBay is God's will. Knowing the shortfall, I have named my first three books, "May it be Heaven's will" as the headline. Through the speed faster than light I hope people of the world would like to find out what is this teaching of Tao of Heaven and the Third Eye or The Right Portal that are so important in life. Let me quote a report from the United States in the Sunday Times.

"United States researchers believe they have discovered a 'God spot' in the brain – a circuit of nerves which could explain humanity's almost universal belief in a deity." A study of epileptics who said that they had experienced substantially The front of the brain appeared to become electrically active when they thought about God. The study compared epileptic patients with normal people and a group who said they were intensely religious. Research is at an early stage, but the scientists said the results appeared to show that The phenomenon of religious belief could have been built in humans. "

The research demonstrates that there are immune fields of energy which seem to be originating from "a spot in front of the brain" when people undergo such transcendental experiences. In the teachings of Tao of Heaven, this spot in front of the brain is what we described as The Divine Eye or where the soul resides. During the time of Sakyamuni Buddha, the transmission of Tao was done by "eye to eye contact" using the unseen wave like electronic to pass on the essence of Tao and the Heavenly Decree. The famous words used by Sakyamuni Buddha when he was transmitting the Heavenly Decree to "Mahakasyapa" was "I have the true Dharma hidden in my eye," looking at Mahakasyapa by rolling a golden lotus flower in front of his eyes. The magic of David Copperfield where I have incorporated on my website is able to read people 'mind to prove that there is something mystical and divine when it comes to the mind of man.

This humble website of mine was created earlier with the aim to dissolve the teachings of Tao of Heaven at lightning speed to those with affinity because printing of books is costly and hard to find an International Publisher or Distributor. After eight months it has achieved overwhelming results and if the speed of growth is consistent, maybe the success can be in the same path as eBay and others mentioned above. Always look forward with positive attitude, persevere and do not give up in your endeavor in any good thing you do or your business.

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