Eat And Lose Weight – How To Flip The Script In The Battle Of The Bulge

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To eat and lose weight it's imperative that you have a game plan. There are many strategies circulating in the fitness world that speak of the idea that you can eat more and actually lose substantive weight. This article will not only show you how to cut through the fluff but also show you how you can construct the right plan for yourself without putting any extra weight on you. Hopefully also you will find an eating plan that does not sacrifice every kind of food that you enjoy eating. Some foods are obviously off limits but you may be surprised at what you can have, what amounts, and at what time of day.

Every on has a metabolic type. There are many ways to find yours, but there is also a very simple way that you can determine what will work for you and what will not.

To Flip the script in the battle of the bulge, and start to see an immediate change in your body you must cut your salt intake. NO adding salt to anything, as salt retains water, and you will notice that as your body cells (fat cells) are not holding on to excess water you will start to see a very dramatic change.

You must also be careful with the sodium content in other foods. This is where many people falter when questioning what they should eat to lose weight. Processed foods which will not be a part of this eating style but for the future interest of maintaining your new body when you reach your goals

Trial and Error. You will want to interchange these things week by week to see what's working for you and what you can manage to eat. (You should be trying to enjoy what you are eating).

If you gain weight fast then your metabolism is really shot. Start the morning with a lean protein like turkey or chicken. Egg whites are also great but naturally have a little more salt than other lean proteins. Not so much to stunt your progress, but be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid retention.

Along side your protein have either a grapefruit or some greens. If it suits you more try having the egg whites with some oatmeal. NO sugar or butter, artificial sweetener (go easy), cinnamon, nutmeg and your set. The more healthy tweaks you put on these the better and faster your results will be.

Your before lunch and before dinner snacks (2 hours before at least) should also have a lean protein and try to have a light carb. If you want to really go for the goal on these between meals replace that carb with greens (ie collards, spinach). This provides a little extra fiber without the sugar conversions, because you want to eat and lose weight now.

For lunch and dinner try and incorporate another protein like tuna (if it's canned watch the sodium content) or another fish. Also for lunch and dinner you will try to add in a simple carb like an apple or banana, rice, sweet potatoes or even a baked potato alongside your veggies and protein. Skip the butter and sour cream. Try using something more natural like salsa. Homemade is the best because you can control how much exactly goes in it.

Taking your time out to attempt and eat in this fashion will get you going in the right direction, and to completely flip the script on that gut. Learn to eat and lose weight and you can expect to never be hungry or overweight again.

Source by Austin Miles