Easy Ways to Whiten Your Teeth For Cheap

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Everybody has the dream of flaunting that million dollar smile. A smile can brighten up a person’s day as it is contagious and fast catches on! Your teeth are an integral part of your smile, so make sure that they are white. There are certain substances that stain the teeth specifies all the causes of tooth discoloration and staining. Coupled with this, teeth whitening and its effectiveness have also been explained. It is important for you to keep your teeth healthy. Teeth whitening do not cost a fortune and it will not make you blow up lots of money. There are cheap teeth whitening tips that are natural and 100 per cent safe to follow. These natural home remedies are cheap and hence, are equally effective as their chemical counterparts.

Out of all the cheap teeth whitening home remedies that are available the most common and cheap alternative is baking soda. This can be mixed with water to make a paste or can be applied to a damp toothbrush. You need to brush with this mixture regularly in order to notice results. It is advised to brush at least twice a day to get rid of teeth stains naturally.

Chewing gum is a very effective cheap teeth whitening product. You should go for the brands that contain xylitol that is a sugar free sweetener for getting the best results. After taking red wine, coffee, tea etc., you should chew gum immediately to keep the strains caused by these substances at bay. When you chew gum your saliva increases before the stains affect the teeth. The xylitol ingredient in chewing gum also is safe and further prevents tooth decay.

Another wonder for the teeth is strawberry that naturally brightens teeth. You can slice the strawberry and rub a piece against your teeth. They have natural teeth whitening properties however you must brush your teeth with toothpaste immediately afterwards as strawberries contain acids and sugar. Like strawberries, you can also use orange peels for whitening of teeth. You have to take the back of the orange peel and rub it against the teeth for results. Like the strawberry the peel of the orange has natural whitening ingredients and hence, is very effective.

You can make cheap and natural toothpaste at home by mixing baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, salt and toothpaste. This paste is natural and equally effective as their chemical counterparts that are available in the supermarket. You should rinse well after every meal and if possible you should try to brush your teeth after each meal. You need to carry a toothbrush and paste for this. This is a very inexpensive way by which you can keep your teeth white and avoid visits to the dentist for expensive teeth whitening treatments.

The above cheap teeth whitening home remedies are thus simple and very cost effective. They are natural and safe for people to adopt. They make teeth cleaner and thus, restore confidence in those people who suffer from the pains of stained teeth.

Source by Jared D. Young