Drink Water and Lose Weight

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Like food, we drink water everyday but we never pay attention how this natural liquid plays an important role on our body. Water not only quenches our thirst; it also helps our internal organs cleanse itself from many harmful substances.

Now the question is – Does water have anything to do with weight loss?

Yes, it has a big role. Our body consists of water and it adds up to weight. If it adds up weight then how can it be helpful to weight loss? Ok. Our body needs water for its existence. So, when we drink water, it retains necessary amount of water and releases the rest.

But, if we Do Not drink enough water, the body goes into panic mode thinking it is not going to get enough water in future and hence its survival will be at stake. In this panic mode it starts accumulating water in our body for future use. This adds up to weight.

But, if we drink water frequently, the body will know that it is receiving enough supply and will release proper amount of water from the body. Thus, it will not add up to extra weight. It is recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day at frequent intervals.

Water helps improve metabolism and prevents constipation. Constipation is a health disorder that prevents body to release waste product from our body. This can cause many health problems if continued for a longer period.

For a natural weight loss, beside many other things, it is recommended to:
o Drink Water Frequently
o Make Sure That You Are Eating Fibre Foods
o Exercise or Walk regularly
o Avoid Stress and Anxiety
o Eat Small Meals Frequently (4 meals a day)

When planning for weight loss; the first line of action should be to look for natural way of losing weight. This is very important as our body responds to natural food in a better way than that of low calorie, low fat diets. These low calorie, low fat diets many times bring adverse health effect.

Source by A. Akhter