Does Garlic Remove Moles?

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There are some natural remedies available to remove moles, but of those, does garlic remove moles? If you want to know more about this possibility, then you are certainly not alone.

Garlic has many healing properties, it is generally good for your health and it makes many foods taste great, but does garlic remove moles?

There is a lot of information available about how garlic can help you to remove moles. Generally, the procedure is as follows:

1. Purchase some fresh garlic at the supermarket (relatively inexpensive – about $1 for one head).

2. Scratch the surface of the mole to open it up a bit so it will absorb the garlic.

3. Cover the area around the mole with some band-aid strips to protect your skin from irritation.

4. Slice the garlic into very thin slices and then chop it. Place a small piece of the chopped garlic – large enough to cover the mole – over the mole. Cover with a band-aid.

5. Change out the garlic and band-aids daily.

After a few days, you will notice that your mole forms a scab over it. Wash the area gently, but do not touch the mole. Continue to apply garlic and band-aids. Eventually, after about 8 days or so, the scab will be almost ready to come off, leaving nothing underneath. You may see a small crater where the mole used to reside, depending upon how deep the mole was rooted into your skin.

Once the scab is gone, the area where the mole used to be may be somewhat tender. If the area where the mole was is concave, it will eventually flatten out, just allow some time for the skin to recover. So the conclusion to the question does garlic remove moles is “yes”. It does require a lot of patience and persistence to work through the treatment, but you should notice results at around the 8 day mark.

Source by Julia Lane