Do You Want To Live Disease-Free?

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Do you want to live disease-free? Of course! What a dumb question, you might be saying. Who does not want to live disease-free, right? However, most people are just putting band-aids on their symptoms and not really addressing their health problems. Doctors have done a great job at labeling our diseases so that they can give us pills, but these pills do not help us, not really. Most of these pills have side-effects that are worse than the symptoms we are trying to get rid of. Plus, the pills are poisons that are severely damaging our liver and other organs.

If you analyze what has actually caused your "disease", Kevin Trudeau, author of "Natural Cures They Do not Want You to Know About", has found that it actually usually goes back to these three root causes:

1. Candida (which everyone has if they have had antibiotics and / or vaccines in their life);

2. Prescription and non-prescription drugs; and

3. Stress and emotional challenges that you store in your mind.

So, instead of taking pills to attempt (in vain) to cure your disease, start attacking the root problem of it. Here are some tips to do so:

1. Do a candida cleanse, as well as a liver and colon cleanse. Do it with natural remedies; remedies that contain natural ingredients in them. Make sure you read the label so you know for sure what is in the cleanses you are buying.

2. Stop using prescription and non-prescription drugs. If you are using prescription, you should be under supervision of a healthcare practitioner, though, so I would recommend going to an alternative doctor that does not use drugs and surgery in his practice.

3. Stop putting toxins in your body as much as you can. Use cleaning products that are not filled with toxic chemicals. Use personal products (toothpaste, shampoo, lotions, deodorant, etc) that are made with natural ingredients; make sure your toothpaste does not contain fluoride and that your products do not contain SLS or propylene glycol, for example. Eat organic foods as much as possible.

4. Try to relieve stress in your life through music or yoga, or anything else out there. There are many things that can help you deal with stress.

By doing these things, in most cases people get cured of their disease. If you have lived with terrible diseases for years – what do you have to lose? Try doing these things and see how you feel in a couple of months. I would love to hear from you and listen to your testimonial, so if you follow these tips, please take the time to email me and let me know the results.

Live healthy! Attack the root of the problem; do not keep putting band-aids on the symptoms you are experiencing. Attack your disease down at the root!

Source by Mirdza Hayden