Discover 3 Key Tips About Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream and Look 10 Years Younger

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Anti wrinkle eye cream is an effective way to deal with those bags and sags, dark circles, and puffiness around our eyes. After we've tried temporary home remedies such tea bags, cucumber slices, and cold spoons, we need a long-term solution that will help us recapture the bright, smooth skin of our youth. You could pay for a surgical eyelift, but who has that kind of money these days?

A high quality anti wrinkle eye cream can work wonders in restoring your appearance. However, you must know what to look for, and what to avoid. Based on my fifteen years of personal experience with anti aging skin care products, I've discovered three key points.

1) Avoid products that use fragrances.

Creams that contain fragrances can irritate your skin, causing your eyes to become puffier, and deepening dark shadows. This is a particular concern if you have sensitive skin. In fact, the makeup you're currently using may be partially responsible for the puffiness or dark circles around your eyes, since fragrance is so commonly used in cosmetics.

For best results, look for a product that's fragrance-free.

2) Use an eye contour gel that contains Eyeliss.

Eyeliss is a patented peptide, and it's been clinically proven to decrease puffiness and bags under the eyes. It accomplishes this by improving fluid drainage, fluid build-up being the primary reason for the "bags" that you see when you look in the mirror. In a study of volunteers, 70% of participants experienced a measurable decrease in puffiness in less than two months.

You'll find Eyeliss used in the better skin care products.

3) Look for a product that increases collagen production.

Collagen is the skin protein responsible for keeping skin smooth, firm, and elastic; the amount of collagen in our body decreases as we grow older. To erase those fine lines around your eyes and the rest of your face, you'll want to use a contour gel that contains ingredients to boost your body's production of collagen.

Cynergy TK is a new ingredient that's been clinically proven to stimulate collagen growth. You'll find Cynergy TK included in the highest quality skin care products.

Now that you're armed with this information, you're ready to find an anti wrinkle eye cream that will give you real, long-lasting results. To learn about the natural skin care system that's helped me look 10 years younger, visit my web site now.

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