Digital Scrapbooking Pattern Layout

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Digital Scrapbook templates with Photoshop elements

STEP ONE: Go under the File menu, under New, and

create a new Blank File.

STEP TWO: The size you make your pattern will be the

same size it will show up in your final product. In the

example to the right, the pattern will be about 1 inch

square. The Resolution needs to match the resolution of

the final project to keep the size accurate. The standard

resolution is 300 dpi, but for most scrapbook pages, I

would recommend 200 dpi because you will have a lot of

layers and your file sizes will get very large. When you

are finished press OK.

STEP THREE: Your pattern could be as simple as a line

down the middle of your new document, but for this

example, use the Custom Shapes tool to get a more

intricate pattern. Click on the Custom Shape Tool or press

“U” on the keyboard. Click on the Shape drop down

menu and notice there is a small triangle to the upper

right of the menu. Click on the triangle and you will see

many different shape categories. Choose the category

“Ornaments.” This category contains a lot of shapes that

are easy to repeat in a pattern. Choose the shape

“Ornament 6” as shown to the right.

STEP FOUR: Press “D” to set your default colors to Black

and White. Click in the upper left corner of your blank file and

drag your shape down to the lower right corner. Leave a little

bit of room at the edges, because this particular pattern will

need a little space when it is repeated to look consistent.

STEP FIVE: The custom shape tool creates a more

advanced graphic that can be resized easily – before it

can be used as a pattern, it must be simplified. Go to

your layers pallet and right click, to the right of the icon,

on your shape layer and choose Simplify Layer or from

the Layers menu choose Simplify Layer.

STEP SIX: Now you are ready to make your shape into

a pattern that can be used to fill a background. Go to the

Edit menu and choose Define Pattern. A dialog box will

open up asking for a name – type in any name that will

mean something to you later and click OK.

STEP SEVEN: Now try out your pattern by creating a New Blank File – try 4 inches by 6 inches at

200 dpi (the resolution we created the pattern in) and press OK. Now with your new blank

document open, choose Fill from the Edit menu. When the dialog box comes up, choose Pattern

from the drop down menu – the pattern you just created will be at the very bottom of the Custom

Pattern drop down menu. Click OK and you will see how your final pattern looks!

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