Diet Drinks and Weight Loss

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Diet drinks and weight loss do not necessarily go hand in had. I've seen research showing diet sodas actually promote weight gain, not weight loss. In the next 2 minutes, I'll share with you 2 diet drinks that I personally drink everyday … or just about everyday. If you follow what I do, you'll lose thousands of calories and burn off 10's of pounds in the next year.

Diet Drinks

1. Stevia Waters

Look, plain water probably does not excite you. It does not for me either. I like to have a nice sweet taste with my drinks. Problem is, sugar and man-made sugar substitutes suck and are bad for you. The way around this is to use Stevia. It's a NATURAL sugar substitute that's actually sweeter than sugar.

Here's what I do …

I take my 15-20 ounces of water and drop 2 packets of Stevia in it. If it's in my water bottle, I shake it up. If it's in a glass, I stir it. (Note: I usually drink out of water bottles.) And that's it. Nothing fancy. But it sure does work good. I get my sweet taste so I no longer miss lemonade or Mountain Dew. I completed eliminated these from my diet within 3 days of using the Stevia waters.

2. Protein shakes

This is a true diet drink even though you will not see it on the label. These fill you up moderately and are loaded with healthy protein which feeds your muscles, which in turn burn off lots of calories BECAUSE your muscles burn up 4-8 times more calories than your fat.

To put it simply, if you're not having protein shakes daily, you are not maximizing your weight loss.

Use these 2 diet drinks and weight loss will happen … it's as simple as that.

Source by Jennifer Jolan